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So, my company, Team4Talent, sent me and my colleagues to Techorama last week. Techorama is a new developer conference in Belgium, created by 3 community-driven technical guys.

Let me start by saying kudos to all the people that helped make Techorama a reality. Organising an event of this magnitude is all but easy, so congratulations!

I have lots of different approaches I use to master new technologies. And while I really do enjoy it, attending conferences is not one of them. Don't get me wrong. It's always nice to see what is raging in the IT world and I love listening to iconic speakers talk about what makes them passionate about their jobs and lives.
For the record, the technical quality and dept of the techorama-sessions were really good.

So, what DO I get out of these sessions?

Well, getting a couple days off is always nice :p.

Apart from that, it's always fun to bump into old colleagues, friends and acquaintances. Belgium is a small country, some of them are bound to be walking around there somewhere ;).

I must say that I really enjoyed the non-technical sessions. 'Zone Out, Check In, Move On' by Mark Seemann or 'Be a Better Dev' by Mike Wood were all about productivity and time management. They gave really good pointers (like stay away from tfs ;-)).

The last and propably the most important reason is the chance to do something fun with my colleagues. We work for a consulting firm, so we do not have that many opportunities to see eachother.
But I always enjoy the chance to pick their brains about stuff they are working on, or have expertise in, or are just enthousiastic about. I do think very highly of them :).

Techorama 2014 was fun, interesting and highly educational. Until next year!

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